International Trading, Procurement & Business Development Consultancy

JBS & Company is an Irish based Consultancy Firm who specializes in International Business Trade & Development for its client Partners with regard to unique products & services globally.

What Makes Our Services “UNIQUE” from other Consultancy Firms?

What makes JBS & Company services UNIQUE is that the majority of our senior team members who all have in excess of either 20 or 30 years experience come from highly successful backgrounds in Business, Sales Management or from Non-Government or Government organizations where they held prestigious positions in same. Our team members are strategically placed across the globe.

Our International Connectivity in so many different work space environments is the CORE Strength of Our Business. All the Consultancy advice in terms of Business Plans with forecasts for your company is immaterial if you can’t get into position for sales. Our people know how to go about putting our Client Partners into opportunistic positions for Business as they have already done it for themselves, that’s what makes us stand out. Our existing Client Partners, particularly the Blue Chip Companies on our books are also constantly at our disposal to assist our SME’s wherever possible to place them in position for potential business.

YOU Get the “FULL PACKAGE” when you Engage JBS & Company