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JBS & Company which consists of many team members some who have appointed leadership positions in different locations is headed up by its founder and CEO Ger Brennan. He has 23 Years of Professional experience with strong backgrounds in the fields of innovation, sales & marketing of unique products into International Markets.

Starting out his career, he successfully sourced our suitable real estate development & construction projects for end users, managing from inception to completion of same for both themselves personally and clients within the Irish and UK markets.

Ger Brennan knows what it is like to endure an economic crash like what happened in 2007 in Ireland as most of his business was connected in some shape or form to the construction/property development market. He is a believer in companies or people having the courage to reinvent themselves to identify niches in the market place to create new business opportunities on the back of their experiences and skill sets they never looked into using before.

Over the past nine years he got involved in other projects which involved the tailoring of innovative products and creating successful brands on the back of his technical knowledge. Through strong entrepreneurial insight he has successfully brought products into niche markets such as providing bespoke solutions for Environmental Challenges within Government/Non-Government (Humanitarian), Military, Utilities, Oil & Gas Sectors from start up to penetrating markets on a Global Scale. As the Construction Industry is now thriving once again, JBS & Company provides its services where required into same.

Following many years of experience in different industries and years of travelling identifying foreign markets and having personally met many of the obstacles facing companies breaking new territory, Ger Brennan seen a niche to create an International Consultancy firm consisting of the best of the best from different industries, many of them retired from their professions with abundance of connectivity and knowledge who have come on board to work full time with JBS & Company.

Ger Brennan has dealt with many consultancy firms over the years and while some of them are excellent at what they do, the one thing he felt was missing with most of them is that many of them never were in business themselves and apart of doing out business plans with forecasts, they have not got the people who are hardwired into the business side of things.

JBS & Company members are hardwired into the markets and their ultimate goal is to put you in front of the right people to obtain business, that is what we do and we know how to do it because our people have actually done it. That is what makes us different from most Consultancy firms. What we do ask from new potential clients is, when you come to engage JBS & Company for Business Development services, make sure your company is ready for that step because JBS & Company move fast once engaged.

He is highly skilled in forming strategic Business Partnerships & holds a BSc in Engineering & Management from Napier University, Edinburgh.

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